Enter The Contest

You will receive a confirmation that your images have been submitted after they are downloaded. Allow 24 - 48 hours for this confirmation. Images will not be eligible for judging until the contest fee(s) have been paid via PayPal. You will receive an invoice from PayPal after we have processed your entires - please allow 3 - 5 days to receive this invoice.  Payments are due within 72 hours of the invoice date. 

The submission and payment processes for the contest are manual
- invoices aren't automatically generated.

Image Requirements

  • All images are digital. 
  • Resolution: Minimum of 2,000 pixels on the long side. About 1.5 to 2MB maximum.
  • The image should have NO visible watermark or signature. Do not include any personal identifying information on the image. 
  • Metadata: Ensure the Title and Copyright (including your name) metadata is added to your images. No personal identifying information should be visible on the image.

Preparing Images For Submission

Digital Editing

With the exception of Creative Interpretation, all submitted images must maintain the integrity of the original captured image. Subjects can not be added or removed although minor spot healing is acceptable. Retouching should be limited to global or local color correction, tone adjustments, cropping etc. Acceptable tools include - but are not limited to - dodge and burn, color and tone adjustments, vibrance, saturation, perspective correction, vignette, noise reduction, and clarity.

No substantive changes may be made to the image. This includes any kind of composites or blending multiple images in any way.   


Be sure that you've updated the metadata in your image files. Be sure to include your name and copyright information as well as an image title and optional caption. You can find information about updating metadata on the Prepare Your Images page of this website. 


The photographer retains the copyright for any images submitted.

The photographer does grant a license to the Heard Natural Science Museum and the Heard Nature Photographers Club to display the images in electronic or printed media for the purpose of promoting the photography contest, the museum or photography club. This includes posting the images on the museum or club websites or including the image in emails or other print or electronic promotional material. Such use does not include commercial resale of the image. 

Need Help?

  • Questions about submissions: Anita Oakley - 469-261-6637
  • Questions about PayPal: Jackie Ranney - 214-478-2107