Adult Categories

Color or Black & White images may be entered.


Images of animals in a controlled setting (i.e. farm, zoo, ranch, etc.).  May include mammals, marine life, reptiles and amphibians.  Does not include pets.


Non-captive animals in their natural environment.

Feathered Friends

Wild or captive birds.

Expressive Impressions

Nature-related images intended to express the photographer’s impression of the subject (i.e. creative blurs, abstract and digital manipulation).  Not to be judged on amount of manipulation but on artistic end result. 

Naturally occurring patterns, lines, shapes and forms of animals, objects, or plants in nature; also may include macro and extreme close-up images in cases where the patterns, lines, shapes, etc. are the principal subject.


Images of natural or cultivated flowers, plants or gardens.

Creepy Crawlies

Wild or captive insects, butterflies and spiders.


Expansive views that may include landscapes, mountains, forests, deserts, etc.  Nature should be the subject of the image.


Images primarily featuring water such as seascapes, oceans, waterfalls, lakes, streams and rivers.  Water should to be the primary subject. 


Black & white images of any nature subject consistent with any of the other contest categories.

Focus on the Sky

Including but not limited to astro photography, stars, sunrises, sunsets, cloudscapes, storm clouds. Must be related to nature.  

Note:  It is the responsibility of the photographer to read through the category descriptions carefully and to choose the appropriate category for each image.  Keep in mind that the image could fit into more than one category.  The photographer’s selection will be final. Anything not meeting the criteria will be ineligible for judging.