Members Choice

Every December we dedicate our meeting time to celebrating the talents and accomplishments of our members. All members are encouraged to submit images for our Members Choice slide show. It's a way to share your photos with other club members in a risk free environment.  From the pool of images entered in the show, club members will vote on one image that best represents the club for the upcoming year.  That image will be designated as the Members Choice Award winner.  

Who can enter images?

Any current member of the Heard Nature Photographers Club may enter.

How many images can be entered?

We want to see the best of your images so limit your entries to about 5 images.

Do they have to be "Nature" photos?

This is a Nature photography club so, sure.  If you have a really great unique non-nature image that you just want to share with folks then by all means, send it in.  But remember, only Nature images will be considered for the Members Choice. 

What about the "hand of man" and all that other contest stuff?

This isn't a contest so there are no categories or strict interpretation of nature scenics.  It doesn't matter if the image includes man made objects but the image should still be considered a "nature" image by the layman.  

How do I prepare the photo?

You really don't have to do too much at all.  You will want to retouch the image so that it is the best quality you can provide.  After that, you don't need to resize or rename the image at all.  Just save it as a JPG file and upload it. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY WATERMARK ON THE IMAGE. We don't want any identifying mark visible during the slide show. 

How to I upload the file?

Just click on the Upload Images button above and follow the on screen directions.  Be sure to enter your name when asked.  

When are the images due?

Photos will be accepted until MIDNIGHT, WEDNESDAY, December 5, 2018.  Images will not be accepted after that time. 

I'm having problems uploading files. Now what do I do?

First, at the bottom of the upload page, there is a link for "Other Upload Methods". The problems usually are because of software incompatibility - you know, all that Java stuff. The system will show you other ways to upload your files that should avoid these problems. If you continue to have issues contact Rob Hull at Info (at)