Pre-Submission Checklist

Before You Submit Your Images…

  • Are you entering in the proper Division?

  • Are your images entered in the proper Category? Remember, an image may fit into more than one Category and the photographer's selection is final.

  • Have you entered the metadata on each of your images?

  • Have you given each of your images a title? The title in your metadata MUST match the title you enter in the submission software.

  • Have you verified that your name (i.e. watermark) does not appear on the front of your image(s)?

  • If you are submitting for more than one photographer (i.e. a teacher submitting for more than one Youth photographer), have you submitted them in different sessions? Please do not combine multiple photographers in a submission session. Back completely out of the web page, and start from scratch. The email address can be the same, but the first and/or last names must be different for each entrant.

  • Review your submissions carefully. Once submitted, no changes/substitutions will be allowed. Submitting additional images is OK.