Pre-Submission Checklist

  • Have you read the instructions about metadata?
  • Have you entered the metadata on each of your images?
  • Have you given each of your images a title? The title in your metadata MUST match the title you enter in the submission software. 
  • Have you verified that your name (i.e. watermark) does not appear on the front of your image(s)?
  • Have you checked to be sure you have entered each image in the appropriate Division and Category? Remember, an image may fit into more than one Category and the photographer's selection is final. If you are entering an image in the wrong Division or Category, please go back and remove it from the incorrect place. Ensure the image is in the correct Division/Category.
  • If you are submitting for more than one photographer (i.e. a parent submitting for more than one Youth photographer), have you submitted them in different sessions? Please do not combine multiple photographers in a submission session. The email address can be the same, but the first and/or last names must be different. 
  • Review your submissions carefully. Once submitted, no changes/substitutions will be allowed. Submitting additional images is OK.